Hiatus? More like, bye-atus… Amiright?

At some point in the last, oh, two months, I convinced myself that someone would actually pay me to work for them.

Man, am I a sap.

As a result, my frail psyche has been imbued with just the right combination of self-loathing, boredom and stick-to-it-iveness to put some actual effort into this blog.

What you — Dan, Luke, the spambots and the circus enthusiasts who occasionally stumble upon this blog by mistake — can expect in coming weeks is the following:

  • Blog posts. In an abrupt departure from what the Two-Ring faithful have been used to, I will write stuff. Some of it will suck. But it’s better for my general well-being than opening new tabs I don’t intend to use and sporadically clicking my Facebook¹ bookmark.
  • Footnotes.²
  • Expert³ commentary.
  • Hyperlinks.
  • Exhaustive coverage of Fox’s hit new sitcom, Glee, airing Wednesday nights at 9 pm EST.

¹Speaking of Facebook: Catherine Anderson “had an epic dream about the sex-slave industry (with elements of her own life mixed in) last night that was the equivalent in plot and detail to five dreams! It might take me a while to sort out everything God is telling me.” Neat-o.

²Also, questionable grammar decisions. Does a footnote go inside the period like a parenthetical citation, or outside the period like a quotation mark?



3 Responses to “Hiatus? More like, bye-atus… Amiright?”

  1. 1 Barnum N. Bailey September 18, 2009 at 2:23 pm

    I am particularly looking forward to the in-depth Glee coverage. You should thank Fox personally for bringing you such important topics to write about.

    Speaking as an expert on all things footnote-related, the number goes after the period. It’s good to know that writing a dissertation results in at least *some* practical knowledge. Glad I could be there for you.

  2. 3 danup September 20, 2009 at 8:34 pm

    I’m glad, as both Dan and a circus enthusiast, to notice this. I hope to be called in as a Glee expert at least once.

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