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The Death of a Great Paper

This is the list of the most viewed articles at the Christian Science Monitor today.

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A Reasonable Global Warming Counterargument

The Republican Party’s (and associated columnists’) opposition to global warming legislation over the past few years has been all over the place. The arguments have ranged from the ever-popular, “It’s not real! It just snowed in May!” to “It’s real, but we didn’t do it!” Then there’s “Won’t somebody please think of the cost to consumers/businesses!” and “What’s the big deal? Everyone loves summer!”

One columnist, who purports to be a renowned scientist, managed to levy nearly every talking point in a single, spectacularly convoluted argument. My personal favorite was the claim that the U.N.’s scientists have produced “no credible evidence” that warming is man made. This, after he implicitly admitted that it was a problem by saying we need to get polluter-in-chief China on our side before we start talking about solutions.

Given that backdrop, when I saw this blog post from the Christian Science Monitor, I took notice.

In it, the Monitor analyzes two opposing views on global warming with — wait for it… here comes the twist — both conceding that it’s actually happening.

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