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The Death of a Great Paper

This is the list of the most viewed articles at the Christian Science Monitor today.

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Captain Kirk Does Palin

And I do double entendre.

Here’s the clip from The Tonight Show:

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‘Millenials’ and Partisanship

The under-30 crowd is something of a problem for the GOP. This isn’t news. Youths are traditionally more liberal than their elders. And having George W. Bush and Barack Obama as the two parties’ respective spokesmen during this generation’s coming of age certainly hasn’t done Republicans any favors.

But as the Economist points out, there’s something more to the current trend.

A number of commenters suggest that this is simply a reflection of the universal verity that young people are liberal, or of youthful enthusiasm for Barack Obama. Neither hypothesis stands up to scrutiny. Under-30 voters went for House Democrats in 2006 almost as strongly as in 2008. In the late ’80s and early ’90s, younger voters were no more likely to identify as Democrats than as Republicans. It may well be that all cohorts drift more conservative as they age, but contemporary young voters are starting out significantly more liberal than their Gen X predecessors.

The numbers largely bear this out. I won’t bore you with the Pew graphs, but those in Generation X (1965-1976) have more conservative views on social values, national security and the scope of government than their Generation Y (1977+) counterparts — both now and when comparing X-ers to Y-ers at the same age (except for national security).

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